Our first vintage in 7 years…

Verwood Estate Wines 2019 Vintage is a plump and satin smooth wine that we are exceptionally proud of.  You will not be disappointed! We are pleased to be offering you a collection of wine that is smooth, but with a delicious aroma.  Our 2019 vintage will appeal to those connoisseurs of great wine who like a medium body, not too acidic, with a pleasant finish.

Our 2019 Vintage is special. It is the first wine these gentle old vines have given rise to in 7 years.  This has accounted for the lush aroma.  We promise you will squeal in delight as the bouquet of a freshly opened bottle of Southern Highland’s wine, drifts your way.

2019 produced a climate that gave us the expression that is our first vintage. Whilst a cool climate wine, 2019 had an uncharacteristically dry and hot growing summer, with a wet growing season just before picking.  This allowed for a beautiful smooth balance that is not overpowering, yet cautiously pleasant.

Rain we received in March meant the Shiraz was unable to reach an acceptable Baume.  Although we were disappointed at the time, fortune favours the bold, and this is how we ended up with our crowning glory of 2019 – The Shiraz Rosé.  This Rosé is unlike any other you may have tasted and is securing stunning reviews!

The rain in this season also contributed to our Cool Climate Chardonnay. This resulted in a chardonnay that is light and smooth enough for those who don’t normally appreciate Chardonnay. At the same time is pleasantly drinkable for the most discerning Chardonnay Lover.

As 2019 is our first vintage, our wines will continue to mature and gain body.  We invite you to join the journey with us and subscribe to our newsletters so you can preview each vintage as it is released.

The Verwood Estate Wines 2019 Vintage will satisfy all lovers of wine, from the casual wine drinkers to the Connoisseurs.  Our 2019 Australian Wine Collection of the Southern Highlands is one that is easy to drink, smooth and fragrant.  With a unique fresh colour and a delicate aroma, a balance that will appease most palates.

Verwood Estate Wines Shiraz Rose Pamper Pack

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Verwood Estate Wines 2019 Vintage

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Verwood Estate Wines 2019 Vintage

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