A rebirth…

Join us as we celebrate the rebirth of Verwood Estate!

The Verwood Estate story is as familiar as the smell of the earth before the rain, or the gentle kiss of the morning sun. A love story, built on time, song, touch and the belief that what is cared for will eventually bear fruit.

It is a story that begins with forgotten vines born anew and neglected grounds brought to life by the gentle rains of the gods.

It continues with the tender touch of human hands, and the strength, care & commitment of one family’s love.

2019 gifted us with Verwood Estate’s first vintages in 7 years. We were blessed by a warm, dry year free of frost – perfectly balanced for our cool climate wines produced here in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

The Verwood story is unique, and we can’t wait to turn the pages with you.

The Verwood Story


All of our team members have their own chapter in the Verwood Story. Each contributes in a unique way essential to the growth and flow of Verwood.  We are a combination of personalities, skills and knowledge brought together by a common love of wine and rebirth.   We value the eclectic nature of our team and all of their eccentricities!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Verwood family…

Natalie Tindale
Natalie TindaleManager
Marketing Extraordinaire – Earth Mother – Wildlife Whisperer – Maker of Beauty – Mum to Benji
Scott Tindale
Scott TindaleManager
Fixes All The Things – Blokey Bloke – Quality Control – Bird Lover – Wine Taste Tester – Dad to Benji
Benji Tindale
Benji TindaleHead Smile Makerer
Kangaroo Herder – Believer of Magic – Cuddle Giver – Son of Scott & Natalie
John Reid
John Reid Vintner - Peterson House
-Super Hero (nose and tastebuds are more fine tuned than Thor’s abs before Avenger’s End Game)!
Michael Kamminga
Michael KammingaViticulturist
Enchanter Of Grapes – Resident Travel Agent/Intrepid explorer
Dalones Crew
Dalones CrewPickers/Pruners
More Efficient Than Popeye Swimming In A Bowl Of Spinach – Always Smiling – Will Work Overtime For Cuddles With Rescue Babies
Patrick Rout
Patrick RoutArgonomist - Ace Ohlsson
Country Boy – Professional Beard Grower – Closet Hippy
Michelle Crocket
Michelle Crocket Winemaker - Eling Forest Winery
Cow Farmer – Yoga Teacher – Creates a Drop That You Would Vinyasa ALL Day For!
Tanya Love
Tanya Love Designer/Photographer - Tanya Love Creative
Makes Vincent Van Gough Look Amateur (Would Cut Off Both Legs For Her Art) – Known To Do Photo Shoots During Bush Fire Evacuations.
Sharon Linolli
Sharon LinolliAccounts & Book Keeper
Yin to Nat’s Yang – Guardian Angel Of All Things Organised and Orderly – Can Be Bribed With Verwood Estate Wine
HappyEye Candy
Rescue Baby – Returns To Home At Will – Prettiest Girl You Ever Did See.
Kate Peat
Kate Peat Sommelier - Blue Thirteen Consulting
Culinary Master – Tasting Notes Author – Ensures Our Brand Sounds Super Posh