The best wine to drink with Christmas dinner

In this article we will dive into the perfect Christmas wine you can drink during Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner offers a variety of food options and you can either go with your favourite bottle of wine for the night or you could experience new flavours that will complement the amazing food you will eat that night. While deciding which wine to pair with your dishes you need to remember that there are many factors to take into considerations such as the type of spice used and its intensity, the texture of your dish, the sauces you are serving and any possible rich ingredient that you may have used. Now let us help you find the best wine to drink with your Christmas dinner.

Let’s start with ham. Ham is definitely a must during Christmas dinner, it is a very versatile dish as it can be cooked in some many different ways. It is extremely important to think about the way your ham will be cooked when choosing your wine as the different flavours will require different types of wines.

If you are having a baked, smoked or glazed ham you should definitely go for a sweeter wine. A Riesling should be the perfect match, especially if a German Riesling. A Riesling that has a touch of sugar, that is lower in alcohol will pair perfectly with a multitude of dishes appealing to the majority of palates. If you do enjoy a glass of Riesling but you prefer a wine with more body, less sugar and a richer finish you should choose an Alsatian Riesling. This type of wine is the perfect pair for any pork dish.

Generally, the best red wine to have with a Christmas dinner that involves ham has a lighter body and overall, like for example a Pinot Noir, a Beaujolais or a Zinfandel. Pinot Noir has usually earthy tones and a bold flavour, the Beaujolais is a light-bodied wine with low tannins and high acidity with usual red berry flavours, the Zinfandel typically has a bold flavour due to moderate tannins, high acidity and high alcohol level.

Another red wine that would pair well with ham is the Verwood Estate Wine Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, a smooth wine full of flavour and aromas, with bold black fruits and toasty notes such as blackcurrant, red plum, eucalyptus. We also suggest the Verwood Estate Wine Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2019 that is toasty with stone fruit, custard apple and hints of berries from the Pinot Noir, that leaves a lingering flavour on the palate; it has a taste that quickly melts away after swallowing, leaving your mouth tingling while still fresh and clean.

If you have seasoned your ham with a bit of spice the Verwood Estate Wine signature Shiraz Rosé 2019 would pair perfectly as it is less intense than a big busting mouth red, but has more depth than most Rosé with a beautiful strawberry colour; cherries and red berry aromas and flavours with a crisp finish. Meanwhile, the best white wine to drink with Christmas dinner that would work perfectly with ham is the Sauvignon Blanc that thanks to its good acidity it is the perfect fit for salty food such as ham.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on serving turkey at your Christmas table the classic wine pairings are full-bodied Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux or Barolo and Beaujolais. Since turkey is made of white meat with low-fat content that tends to dry pretty easily if not cooked in the right way the best wine for Christmas dinner that involves turkey is a full-bodied white wine or a medium-bodied red wine that has high acidity and low tannin. The reason why having wine with low tannins is best when serving turkey is that the saltiness of the meat may make the tannins taste bitter. Meanwhile, the need for a wine that has high acidity is that a wine with this element will be able to cope better with all the different flavours that can be found on the dinner table.

Pinot Noir is recognised to be one of the best pair for turkey but it has to be the right type of Pinot Noir because the lighter style versions of this wine may end up being overwhelmed by all the different flavours. Aged wines are also a great choice to pair with turkey, for example, aged Bordeaux and Barolo with their perfect balance between acidity and tannins and all their aromas will work wonderfully. Chardonnay is one of the perfect white wines that go well with this meat and the traditional sides. The Verwood Estate Wine Chardonnay 2019 is an easy to drink, smooth wine with a taste of peach and pears with a refreshing citrus finish would be a delightful accompaniment to your turkey.

Whereas if you decide to have duck as a main for your Christmas dinner when pairing wine, you have to take into account the special fattiness of the meat and also its gaminess. Usually, French wines are the general type of wines that are paired with duck as they are one of the best wines to drink with Christmas dinner. Normally, the red wines that are paired with duck are wines such as Burgundy and Bordeaux that pair perfectly with roasted, smoked or braised duck. While white wines such as a Gewurztraminer will be a better pair if the duck is served with a sauce that is fruit-based.

If ribs are the star of your Christmas menu, we can suggest some great red wines to pair them with. A wine such as a Barolo, a Tempranillo or the Verwood Estate Wine Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon a smooth wine full of flavour and aromas, with bold black fruits and toasty notes such as blackcurrant, red plum, eucalyptus would mix perfectly with the ribs allowing the aromas of the meat to come forward. If you would prefer a glass of white wine to pair the ribs with, we can suggest the Verwood Estate Wine Chardonnay that would pair wonderfully with the richness of the ribs thanks to its aromas and smoothness.

The best wine for a Christmas party is Sparkling wine as it is, in fact, a must to sip a glass of something with bubbles on Christmas day. We suggest you to opt for the Verwood Estate Wine Sparkling Shiraz Rosé 2019. This wine has a beautiful strawberry colour, it has cherries and red berry aromas and flavours, and it also has a smooth fruity finish. This wine is the ideal Sparkling for your Christmas celebrations thanks to its summery flavours and delicious taste. Thanks to its aromas it is the perfect wine to start your Christmas dinner as an accompaniment to your starter and also to finish your night as it pairs heavenly with berries dessert such as the Pavlova.

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