As locals, we’ve got insider knowledge of the best things to do in Southern Highland’s beautiful region. If you’re wondering what to do in Southern Highlands, we’ve got you sorted with our top three things to do in the Southern Highlands. Read on to discover how you should spend your next weekend away in this beautiful region of the Highlands. 

The Southern Highlands of NSW is an area everyone should experience. It is the perfect escape from busy city life; a place where you can slow down and appreciate what is around you. Heritage buildings and lush greenery conceal wineries, waiting for you to uncover new favourite reds, whites and rosés. There are so many things to do in the Southern Highlands, no matter which season you decide to visit. The hardest part will be choosing what to do first! Which is why we have narrowed it down to the three best things to do.

The Top 3 Things to Do in Southern Highlands

1. Nattai National Park

Attention adventure seekers! Nattai National Park is a hidden gem located in the Southern Highlands. Many skip over this park on their way to the popular Blue Mountains or Morton National Park, but we will tell you why it is certainly worth the stop.  

Located on the traditional territory of the Dharawal and Gundangarra peoples, Nattai National Park has many attractions to justify its place in our top three things to do in the Southern Highlands! Our first suggestion is a popular bush walk. Box Vale Mine walking track is just off of the highway outside of Mittagong. This great hike takes you through an 84 meter tunnel previously used for a mining railway. Don’t forget to pack a torch so you can explore this stunning surprise! If you’re up for a bigger walk, keep trekking after the tunnel to the lookout where you will be rewarded with views of mountains covered in classic Australian gums. Be sure to listen and look for native wildlife on your walk such as kookaburras, goannas, kangaroos, and red belly black snakes! To find out more about this bush walking route, we recommend you read further on All Trails

What else is there to do in this Southern Highlands park? Nearby, another popular hike, includes Forty Foot Falls. If you can endure the many steps, this is a wonderful spot for those waterfall chasers. The hard work is worth it for the impressive falls – don’t forget your camera! If you like these suggestions, check out our other blog post 5 Things to do in the Southern Highlands on your Next Visit to discover what other nature walks you can see in areas such as Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley and more! So much to do in the Southern Highlands.

2. Experience the Country Charm of Moss Vale

Moss Vale is a quaint, historic town where locals greet each other by name on the streets as they stroll to pick up their morning coffee. Where the leaves change colours to warm reds and oranges in Autumn, and where the occasional snow fall dusts the streets in the Winter time. 

Moss Vale’s charming architecture draws in visitors to the Southern Highlands. Only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sydney, people come to take photos of the town’s cute clock tower. One could easily pass time reading at a local cafe, or cruise down the main street popping into shops filled with goods made by local creatives. Consider the benefits of visiting this small country town – to relax, refresh, reset. You may even find that you love the slow pace of the Southern Highlands, like we do, and be tempted to succumb to this simple, beautiful lifestyle permanently. Moss Vale is just one of the many great towns in this region. The more time you spend here, the more things  you will realize there is to do in the Southern Highlands!

3. Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve

What else can you do in the Southern Highlands? Well, pack that picnic basket because for the next stop we have just the spot to roll out the checkered blanket. Located on the Wingecarribee River, Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve is a wonderful spot to enjoy the outdoors. To visit this destination, take the Highland Way exit about 2 km north of Moss Vale. 

Here families can teach children about the diverse ecosystem of a wetland; spot waterbirds, insects and frogs gliding across the water. Identify Australian native plants, many of which only thrive in swamp habitats. After a walk, take a break in the tranquil grassy meadow for a picnic lunch and feel the sunshine on your face. You might even choose to pop a refreshing bottle of Verwood Estates’ Sparkling Shiraz Rosé to complete this perfect afternoon scene. Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve is one of the three best things to do in the Southern Highlands, but don’t take our word for it – go ahead and try it for yourself!

The Best Way to Experience the Highlands is At Verwood Estate

4. Visit a Local Cellar Door

Now I know this blog is titled the three best things to do in the Southern Highlands, but we’ve included a bonus must-do for last. If you are going to visit this region, there is no way you can leave without visiting a local cellar door. The cooler climate of the Southern Highlands helps produce award winning wines that will leave you wanting more. 

Verwood Estate offers a wonderful winery experience inclusive of tastings, tours of the vineyard, and expert knowledge about how our wine is made. The property, located in Sutton Forest, stretches for acres over rolling NSW farmland. As you come up the driveway you will be greeted by the Verwood Estate residents: cows, goats, emus, an adorable golden labrador and, of course, the lovely Tindale family. Verwood Estates offers overnight accommodation for those looking to extend their winery visit. The Verwood residence has a charming interior design which will make you feel as if you have traveled to Europe for the weekend, rather than the Southern Highlands. Our cellar door is the one to choose, not only because of the tasty wines but because of the entire unique experience we have to offer. Contact Natalie here to inquire further about booking in for a winery stay at Verwood Estates. 

The Southern Highlands has so much to do. It is a region capable of satisfying a range of interests. Whether you are a nature lover looking to explore the bush, a shopper who loves to collect local art, or a family who wants to enjoy an afternoon picnic, you will not regret visiting the Southern Highlands. No matter which activities you get up to during the day, Verwood Estates will be there for you to finish off your vacation with a delicious glass of wine and a comfy night’s sleep. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! Keep an eye on this space for future blog posts about what to do in the Southern Highlands on your next visit.