Trade Enquiries

We are currently accepting applications from retailers and stockists of our boutique range. If you are considering our wines for your clientele, please contact Verwood Estate Wines by visiting our Trade Enquiries Page.

General Enquiries and Visits

Verwood Estate Wines and Verwood Suites are surrounded by a lush vineyard and manicured gardens.  We are also a registered wildlife sanctuary offering refuge to many native animals.

We are a destination in the Southern Highlands, with many hidden treasures. The combination of fragrant wines, luxury accommodation, and lots of fuzzy friends to cuddle makes us truly unique.

We welcome visitors to our Estate and we would love to hear from you.  A visit to Verwood Estate will truly restore your soul.

    Contact Verwood Estate Wines

    +61 422633353

    3131 Canyonleigh Rd, Sutton Forest NSW 2577

    Opening Hours

    By Appointment Only

    Contact Verwood Esate Wines to experience our 2019 First Vintage Collection for yourself.