Best Wine for Summer 2020

This year has been a complete roller coaster, with ups and many downs.

While half of the world is entering the winter period here in Australia, we are approaching the hot weather as summer is just around the corner.

During the summer heat, we are constantly looking for refreshing drinks that will keep us chill; it does not matter if it is cold water, soft drinks, or alcohol. So now the question is: which are the best wines for summer? In this article, we will explore the fabulous world of summer wines and we will tell you which are the best wine for summer 2020.

During summertime, the best type of wine for summer is a wine that is easy to drink and refreshing. The usual wines types that come to mind when thinking about summer are definitely rosé and crispy white wines.

Rosé is a perfect summer drink as it is extremely refreshing and fragrant while also crisp and dry. Rosés have white wine acidity and the fruity flavours of both red wines with strawberry, red currant aromas and of white wines with lemon, lime, grapefruit aromas. It usually served chilled, but it is when it starts to get warmer that all the aromas will become more intense. If you feel like you need some bubble this summer the Verwood Estate Wine Sparkling Shiraz Rosé 2019 is certainly a choice to keep in mind. This wine has a beautiful strawberry colour, cherries and red berry aromas and flavours with a crisp smooth fruity finish. It has a very delicate taste that quickly melts away after swallowing, leaving your mouth tingling with the body while still fresh and clean. If this wine made your mouth water but you feel like a non-sparkling version would suit you better, the Verwood Estate Shiraz Rosé 2019 is your wine of choice. Similarly, to the Sparkling Shiraz Rosé, it has a beautiful strawberry colour, cherries and red berry aromas and flavours. It has the Verwood Estate signature smooth finish, as it is less intense than a big busting mouth red but has more depth than most Rosé. This wine will definitely be the hit of the party at one your many BBQ during this summer period.

The warm and hot weather of summer definitely calls for a chill, refreshing drink and what could be better than a chilled glass of white wine? White wines as rosés are the go-to summer drinks. Some of the variety may be more suited to accompany food as otherwise, they may be “too much” on their own. For example, a white wine that is rich in texture with a good amount of acidity to balance would work perfectly with seafood such as scallops or with pork. Sauvignon Blanc is undeniably one of the preferred white wine for the summertime. As it is a dry and crisp wine whose flavour can go from citrous to tropical fruits and thanks to its acidity it’s a wine that pairs well with different foods from cheese to seafood and salads. If you would like a white wine that does not need food to be drunk, Chardonnay is the obvious choice as it is one of the best white wine for summer.

The Verwood Estate 2019 Chardonnay is a more traditional Chardonnay, hailing from a cool climate region with tastes of peach, pears and has a refreshing citrus finish. It is a smooth wine easy to drink perfect for those that traditionally knee jerk away from California style Chardonnays that will appease most palates. If you feel like trying something different and unusual the Verwood Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir is a uniquely blended wine that has been created by the owners of the estate. This wine was created because the kangaroos in Sutton Forest developed a taste for the Pinot Noir grapes and ate most of them. Since the owner could not produce a batch of Pinot Noir, they decide to blend them with the Chardonnay. The Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir has a toasty flavour with hints of custard apple and berries, leaving lingering flavours on the palate. As for the other sparkling, it has a delicate taste that quickly melts away after swallowing, leaving your mouth tingling with the body while still fresh and clean.

If you are someone that is not into rosé or white wine, you do not have to worry because there are some red wines that are perfect for the summer period too. Red wines are usually not considered to be ideal for the hot and humid weather but in the past years “chilled reds” started to spread as a new way to drink red wines during summertime. Red wines in fact can be as refreshing as rosé or white wines when served at the right temperature. For example, if a Bordeaux during the colder times is served with a temperature between 16°C to 17°C during summer they can be served at around 15°C, the bottle should be in fact cold at your touch. When served chilled the aromas of the Bordeaux will be more prominent and it will feel more fresh than heavy. When choosing your type of red wine to have chilled you need to take into account the amount of oak and tannin of the wine as if chilled too much as the taste would end up being too hard. Choose a younger red, with higher acidity, lower in alcohol and with a fruity taste with little to no oak and you will have the perfect chilled red to keep you company this summer. So, a Pinot Noir that is fruity with a light body would be the best red wine for your summer party and barbeques.

In case you prefer cocktails to keep you company during the heatwave we can suggest you some of the top choices of summer cocktails. “Sweet Watermelon Vodka Summer Cocktail” it is a refreshing alcoholic beverage. You will need 60ml of vodka, 5cm of lime peel, 5 watermelon pieces, fizzy water, 1 tsp of simple syrup and some ice. Start by putting the lime peel and the watermelon in a shaker, then add the vodka, the ice and the syrup and shake it. After that, strain the content in a glass and add the fizzy water and the vodka, top it with a watermelon wedge.

Another possible cocktail idea is the “Hurricane”. For this drink, you will need 60ml or rum, 30ml of passionfruit syrup, 30ml of lemon juice, some orange slices and maraschino cherries. Blend together the passionfruit syrup, the rum and the lemon with ice in a shaker and shake until frosty. After that pour the content into a glass and garnish it with orange slices and cherries.

With summer approaching we hope that our selection of wines and cocktails will cheer you up and keep you refreshed during the imminent summer heat.

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